Electroplating and Textile Wastewater Treatment by Combined Effect of Adsorption and UV

Author(s): V. B. Vyas and K. S. Kulkarni

The treatment of textile and electroplating wastewater for reuse using adsorption combined with UV is reported in this paper. The goal of this work is to study the performance of the adsorption coupled with UV radiation process and to develop a potential wastewater treatment system for reuse. The combined process has reduced the chemical oxygen demand from 1200 mg/L to 160 mg/L for textile effluent, and from 1440 mg/L to 200 mg/L electroplating waste water. For the adsorption process, the adsorbent is prepared from the Ayurvedic plants, Dashmool (mixture of ten Ayurvedic plants such as Aegle marmelos corr, Tribulus terrestric linn, Urauiapicta desv etc). For both the textile and the electroplating waste water sample, the results showed clearly that the combined treatment has a high removal efficiency (86%) of the chemical oxygen demand (COD), and total dissolved solids are removed upto 73% from textile sample, whereas from the electroplating wastewater 62% of the dissolved solids are removed. This combined treatment hold great promise to provide alternative for better treatment and protection of environment.

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