Electro-Optical and Thermodynamic Studies on Induced Reentrant Smectic-A Phase in Binary Mixture of Liquid Crystalline Materials

Author(s): Govindaiah TN

In the present work, our investigation is to study on the optical and electrical properties of binary mixture of cholesteryl nonanoate (CN) and 4-(trans-4’-hexylcyclohexyl) isothiocyanatobenzenes (6CHBT). Mixtures of these molecules exhibits cholesteric and induced reentrant smectic-A phases sequentially when the specimen cooled from its isotropic phase. These phases have been characterized by using microscopic technique. Thermodynamical response of optical anisotropy of electrical susceptibilities of reentrant smectic-A phase has been discussed. Temperature dependent electro-optical phase transition behaviors of the given molecules have also been discussed.

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