Electrochemical synthesis of zinc selenide nanowires and their characterization

Author(s): Ishan Gupta, Raminder Preet Pal Singh, Saleem Khan, Parveen Lehana, Sandeep Arya

In this paper, zinc selenide (ZnSe) nanowires aresynthesizedelectrochemicallyusingAAO template. Synthesis is done at 313Ktemperature from an aqueous solution of seleniumdioxide (SeO2), and zinc sulphate (ZnSO4.7H2O).Nanowires of 100 nmdiameters are synthesized on copper substrate using anodic aluminiumoxide (AAO) template.Morphological and structural characterizationwas done that reveals the successful fabrication ofZnSe nanowires. Further investigationwas done to studythe effect of variation in dc currentwith respect to the change in voltage.

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