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Electrochemical Study on Corrosion Inhibition of Metals in Artificial Urine in Presence of Sodium Chloride

Author(s): R. Nagalakshmi, J. Sathiyabama, S. Rajendran and I. Ameeth Basha

The main aim of the research was evaluation of corrosion resistance of SS 316L, NiTi alloy in artificial urine in presence of sodium chloride. Corrosion resistance of two metals namely SS 316L, Nickel Titanium super elastic alloy has been evaluated in artificial urine (AU) in the absence and presence of sodium chloride. Potentiodynamic polarization study and SEM have been used to investigate the corrosion behavior of these metals and nature of the protective film formed on the metal surface. The order of corrosion resistance of metals in artificial urine, in the absence and also in the presence of sodium chloride was discussed.

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