Electrochemical Studies of Cd (II) Complexes with Itaconic acid in Non- Aqueous Media (20%, 40%, 60% DMF) at DME

Author(s): Chanchal Karadia and O. D. Gupta

Studies of Cd (II) complexes with itaconic acid have been carried out by polarographic method in non-aqueous media (20%, 40%, 60% DMF) under varying temperatures, at 298 K and 308 K in presence of KCl as a supporting electrolyte. The reduction of Cd (II) was found to be reversible in nonaqueous medium for itaconic acid ligand and have shown the formation of 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 complexes. DeFord and Hume's method as modified by Irving has been applied for the determination of composition and stability constant of the complexes species. The changes in thermodynamic parameters H°, G° and S° accompanying complexation have been evaluated. The mathematical Mihailov's method has also been applied for the comparison of stability constant values.

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