Electrical Conductivity of CuBr in the Temperature Range 30-490oC

Author(s): Kaman Singh, B. C. Yadav and Vimalesh Kumar Singh

The electrical conductivity (d.c.) of the solid CuBr was determined employing cell configuration Cu/CuBr/Cu over an extensive range of temperature (30o C-490o C), which allowed us to obtain the detail runs of conductivity, including the phase transformations: γ-CuBr ↔ β-CuBr and β -CuBr ↔ α-CuBr. Employing the measured conductivities, activation energy and pre-exponential factors were evaluated in the wide ranges of temperature. The transport properties in respective phases were discussed. The results are compared with those reported in the literature. Though, the order of magnitude of observed conductivity is same to that of literature, however, the observed value are even greater than Wojakowska and Krzyzak, which is potentially interesting.

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