Electrical characterization of iodine species formed inside the one dimensional nanochannels of microporous aluminophosphate AlPO4-5 single crystal

Author(s): Vladimir G.Solovyev, Sergei V.Trifonov, Viktor L.Veisman

I/AFI nanocomposites have been prepared by infiltration of the one-dimensional nanochannels of AFI zeolite-like microporous aluminophosphate (AlPO4-5) host matrix with iodine guest substance. Direct current flowing through I/AFI microcrystals has been measured along (III) and across (I) the ñ  -axis of the single crystal in the temperature range of 20-120ï‚°C. In contrast with the monotone temperature dependence I(T), the III(T) curve demonstrates the distinct peculiarity at ~70ï‚°C which is due to the phase transition of iodine species from the chain structures to molecular iodine.

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