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Electrical behaviour of ZnCdO nanocomposites

Author(s): M.Earnest Stephen Gnanadoss, M.A.Jothirajan, G.Alagumuthu, S.MeenakshiSundar

ZnCdO nanocomposites have been synthesized by solvothermal process. X-ray diffraction spectra confirm that the sample is of hexagonal wurtzite structure, and a little Cd doping would not change the crystal structures of ZnO. The particle size is calculated using Debye Scherrer’s formula fromXRD patterns. The functional group is analyzed using FTIR studies. The ac and dc conductivity, resistivity and dielectric constant of ZncdO nano particles are measured by using Impedance analyzer with frequency range (400Hz- 4KHz) with temperatures 333K & 453K. Semiconducting behaviour of the sample is observed from the conductivity studies. The dielectric constant varied with temperature and frequency is also studied.

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