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E-Gateway: A Smart Home Automation System

Author(s): L. K. Hema*, Akhil Menon, Abhilash V. Vishnu and Lubab Abdul Nasser

The home automation system plays an important role in maintaining living standards and provide secure and flexible environment. The aim of this project is to design a home automation system which makes operating of Electrical appliances in home through android application. The home automation system allows controlling of home appliances by using voice commands by recognizing the input speech. The speech recognition is done by Support Vector Machine. The home automation system is implemented wirelessly using General packet radio service (GPRS) technology. The electrical appliances such as fan, light switches, light sensors, current sensors are integrated in a system which then connected to microcontroller which act as a within the home to control and perform the user commands. The home automation system improves the living standards and also helps the elderly people. The home automation system implemented wirelessly using GPRS technology, is able to control electrical appliances without limiting the range.

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