Efficient and Eco-Friendly Synthesis of Schiff Bases Under Catalyst Free Condition

Author(s): Vasant B. Jagrut, Prashant D. Netankar, Ramrao A. Mane and Wamanrao N. Jadhav

An efficient and eco-friendly synthesis of N1-(4-substitutedbenzylidene)-4-(tosylamino) benzo hydrazides (2a-h) having sulfonamido phrmacophore has been carried in PEG-400 as greener medium at room temperature. The titled compounds have been obtained in one pot by condensing 4-(toluene-4- sulfonylamino)-benzoic acid ethyl ester (1) with hydrazine and in situ formed acid hydrazide subsequently allowed to condense with aryl aldehydes. The route is found to be rapid, relatively economic and ecofriendly.

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