Effects of Industrial Effluents on Growth and Development of Maize (Zeamays L.)

Author(s): Chukwuka KS, Uka UN and Iwuagwu M

A study was carried out in green house of Abia State University, Uturu- Nigeria to evaluate the effects of Beverage and Pharmaceutical sewage effluents (Jawamox,Minta and Plant oxidation pond effluent) on the growth characteristics of maize. The physico-chemical properties of the studied effluents showed pH of 8.38, 8.09 and 7.52 in Jawamox, Minta and Plant oxidation pond effluents respectively, an indication that there was no salinity problem. Plant height, root length increased with increase in the concentration of the studied effluents. Studied effluents improved stem diameter in relation to control but not among the treatments. The results indicated that the various effluent treatments positively influenced maize plant fresh and dry weights. It is suggested that application of the studied effluents at the concentrations of 25%- 75%can improve the growth and development of maize plant and as such could be used by farmers as source of fertilizer.

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