Effects of gamma irradiation and plasma technology on some chemical properties of camel meat

Author(s): AhmedA.Aly, G.M.El-Aragi

This investigation aims to study the effects of gamma irradiation at doses of 0, 1.5, 3.0 and 4.5 kGy and plasma treatment at exposure times of 1, 2, and 3min.,which approved for some chemical properties of camel meat. Non-irradiated, irradiated and meat samples exposure to plasma were analyzed for amino acids, fattyacids compositionwhereas their lipidswere analysis for some lipid characteristics. It could be concluded that gamma irradiation doses and plasma treatments hadn’t any effect on the amino acids of meat samples under investigation.On the other hand these treatments caused decreased in total saturated fatty acids leadingto increasing in the total unsaturated fatty acids for extracted lipids of samples under investiga-tion.Refrigerated storage (4±1) had a significant (P  0.05) increased in acid and peroxide values of lipids of meat sampleswhich irradiatedwith gamma irradiation andsamplesexposure toplasmaunder investigationand the lipolysiswas relatively higher in lipids of control sample comparedwith other samples under investigationduringstorage. It couldbe summarizedthat gamma irradiation and plasma treatments had no adverse effects on chemical properties of camelmeat, therefore their use as safetytechnological treatments infood preservation

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