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Effect of Uranium Some Heavy Elements Concentrations on Eastern Desert Egypt

Author(s): Ahmed R. Bakry, El-Sayed A. Manaa* Abdou A. Abdou, Mohamed Abdel-Monsif

Uranium beside some heavy elements concentrations in chosen rock, ground and well water samples of El-Missikat area, Eastern desert, Egypt have been analyzed to decide the water suitability in El-Missikat area for the human and animals uses. For this purpose, the uranium analysis has been performed using different techniques include; UV/VIS Spectrophotometry, N2-Laser Fluorimetric (UA-3) beside Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrophotometry (ICPMS) techniques. In this work, ten different varied samples were collected from El-Missikat location (four rock samples, three ground water samples beside three water well samples). The obtained analysis results indicated that, the average concentrations of uranium and heavy elements (Pb and Cd) in the water samples were 1.9, 25 and 7 µg L-1 for U, Pb and Cd ions respectively. These results are higher than the recommended permissible limits. The obtained analysis results recommend that, the water well samples are healthy risk depending on the obtained levels of uranium and the heavy elements concentrations and the study decide that, the water well in the Missikat area could not be used as drinking water source.
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