Effect of sudden initiation and temperature on growth and diameter of carbon nanotubes synthesized by CVD method

Author(s): F.Taleshi, A.A.Hosseini

In this study, the synthesis of CNTs over MgO supported Co3O4 by chemical vapor deposition of acetylene at temperatures in the range of 500 °C - 975 °C have been investigated. The size of Co3O4 nanoparticles could be controlled by changing the concentration of cobalt nitrate in aqueous solution containing ofMgO lightweight powder by impregnation method. The most important point is the fact that, without any pre-temperature of catalyst nanoparticles, the synthesis process of CNTs started suddenly, and then the effect of sudden initiation and conventional calcination processes on yield of CNTs was compared. The results suggest that this sudden initiation of synthesis process affects the carbon yield and morphology of CNTs.

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