Effect of sonication irradiation on degradation of refinery petroleum waste water using the prepared cationic silyl polymeric surfactant

Author(s): Z.Abdeen, Abdelfattah M.Badawi, Ahmed I.Adawi, Akram M.Eldidamony, Abd El-Shafey I.Ahmed, Eslam Hafez

The influence of ultrasonic and Fenton reagent combination on the efficiencies of eachmetal complex of quaternized poly (4-vinyl pyridine) (P4- VP), and its nanocomposites (CS) in degradation of refinery petroleum wastewater, was studied. P4-VP was quaternized by chloro tri methyl silane then complexed with ferric chloride, that reacted with nano zero valent iron given CS. It was resulted an genenhancement on oil degradation % using this combination system,was 85%,making thismethodmay be used in water treatment.

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