Effect of Solvents on Ion Exchange Selectivity of Monovalent Anions on Tulsion A-27 (MP)

Author(s): Prasanna S. Koujalgi and Sanjaykumar V. Divekar

The exchange of monovalent anions perchlorate and nitrate against Cl– were investigated as a function of organic solvent compositions from aqueous to 80% mixed solvent media at 300 ± 1 K on strong base anion exchanger Tulsion A-27 (MP). Selectivity coefficients were determined over the wide range of resin mole compositions (NRB = 0 to 1) for the resin to understand the effect of organic solvents. The selectivity values of these anions in water-2-methoxy ethanol on Tulsion A-27 (MP) are higher than those compared with water-2-isopropoxy ethanol, water-2-butoxy ethanol and water-2-ethoxy ethanol and there is drastic change in the selectivity coefficient values for these anions in case of water-2-ethoxy ethanol at higher solvent compositions. Thermodynamics of ion exchange has shown that anion exchange is more in aqueous medium than in mixed solvent medium.

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