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Effect of sic nanoparticle onAA2014 alloy in marine environment

Author(s): R.D.Pruthviraj, S.D.Ashok

Nanocomposites are heterogeneous systems containing matrix and reinforcement. Their physical and mechanical properties can be tailored according to requirement. They are used in automobile, aircraft and marine industries because of their increased corrosion resistance. In this paper weight loss corrosion test, open circuit potential test and potentiostat test are conducted on AA2024/ SiC Nanocomposites in different concentrated neutral chloride solutions like sodium chloride solutions. NanoComposites are prepared by liquid melt metallurgy technique using vortex method. Composites containing 2, 4 and 6 percent of NanoSiC are prepared according to ASTM standards. Specimens are machined and made ready by standard metallographic methods. Weight loss corrosion studies are carried out in 0.035, 0.35 and 3.5% solutions of sodium chloride. The corrosion rate decreases with increase in the exposure time for all specimens in all corrodents in all the methods of testing. Corrosion rate also decreases with the increase in reinforcement content of the Nanocomposites. Hence the Nanocomposites can be used for the manufacture of the equipments used in marine environment so that they lost long.

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