Effect of nano particles on electrical conductivity and viscosity subject to a cyclic temperature pattern

Author(s): Basudeb Chakraborty

The paper investigates the effect of thermal loading on viscosity and electrical conductivity of weakly dosed nanofluids. Two types of thermal loadings are examined: (a) a continuous increasing loading from sub-ambient 5Cto 40C, (b) a heating (5C45C) followed by cooling (45C5C) loading. Results show that electrical conductivity is weakly dependent on thermal loading and is strongly dependent on nano-particle type. Viscosity shows a strong relationship with thermal loading but is weakly nano-particle dependent. Both electrical conductivity and viscosity show weak hysteresis during the cyclic thermal loading for low dosages. This finding is in contrast for a strong hysteresis pattern reported by Nguyen et al.[1] for highly dosed nanofluids.

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