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Effect of Hydrogen Bonding on the Infra-Red Study of Donor-Acceptor Complex Between Alcohol and Iodine

Author(s): S. K. Baruah and R. Upadhaya

The present study is based on the effect of solute such as iodine on H-bonding in aliphatic alcohols. Alcohols form charge transfer complexes with halogens. Several parameters like dimerisation constant (K d ) and thermodynamic parameters like free energy ( ∆ G) at laboratory temperature for self associated alcohols as well as equilibrium constant (K), free energy ( ∆ G), enthalpy ( ∆ H) and entropy ( ∆ S) at different temperatures for charge transfer comple xes are evaluated from IR spectra in solvent like carbon tetrachloride. In the adduct of 1 : 1 between alcohol and Iodine, the dimeric form around 3500 cm -1 vanishes with the result that the broad band shift to higher frequency region. With the increase of temperature the value of equilibrium constant in the 1 : 1 adduct goes on decreasing suggests the stability of charge transfer interactio n is low at low temperature.

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