Effect of grafting efficiency on dyeability of acrylic acid-g-cellulose fibre

Author(s): A.Sani, M.K.Yakubu, P.O.Nkeonye, K.A.Bello

Acrylic acid grafted cellulose fibre samples with graft efficiencies of 14, 18.3, 43.6, and 63.53% were dyed with basic, direct, and reactive dyes at neutral pH in the absence of electrolyte. Ungrafted cellulose fibre was also dyed to serve as control. Percentage exhaustion of the dyes by the samples as well as the amount of dye adsorbed per kilogram fibre were determined. In all cases, the higher the graft efficiency, the higher the amount of dye adsorbed. Itwas found that the samples adsorbed more malachite green, a basic dye, than the other dye classes used.

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