Effect of electron beam irradiation on the tri bological properties of poly(m-phenylene isophalamide)

Author(s): N.Tian, Z.M.Xue, X.J.Liu, Z.G.Zhang

The effect of electron beamirradiation at dose of 5105Gy, 5106Gy, 1107 Gy on the tribological properties of poly(m-phenylene isophalamide) (PMIA) was studied using a block-on-ring friction and wear tester. The chemical changes of the PMIA were investigated using X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS) and electron spin resonance(ESR). Themorphologies ofworn surface of steel ring were observed using electron probe microanalysis (EPMA). Experimental results showed that electron beam irradiation contributed to a reduction in the friction coefficient and wear rate of PMIA. The friction coefficient and wear rate decreased with increasing the irradiation dose. EPMA investigations indicated that the smoother surface with more carbon element distribution on the surface of ring could decrease the friction coefficient and wear rate of irradiated PMIA. XPS results indicated that the chemical reaction consisting of carbonization occurred during the PMIA being irradiated. This was the reason that the more carbon element enriched on theworn surface which the steel ring sliding against irradiated PMIA and thus greatly reducing the friction and wear of the irradiated PMIA.

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