Effect of Absorption of Sulphur Dioxide in Sodium Hydroxide Solution to Protect Environment : A Case Study at Shree Power, Beawar, Rajasthan

Author(s): R. Sharma, S. Acharya and A. K. Sharma

 Laboratory studies were conducted to know about the effect of concentration of sodium hydroxide, pH of sodium hydroxide solution, flow of flue gases in impingers, temperature of NaOH solution and time period for reaction for absorption of SO2 contained in flue gases. Thus, it is concluded that the 5% concentration of the NaOH was found to be optimum. pH of the solution should be alkaline for good absorption of SO2. Maximum absorption of SO2 was found by direct passing of SO2 in impinger as compared to indirect passing of SO2 in impingers. Maximum absorption of SO2 was found in temperature range between 20- 25oC. It is also concluded that maximum recovery of SO2 was obtained, when the reaction took place for a longer time period.  

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