EDTA Chelated Micronutrients for Growth of Rice, Onion and Lemon Plants and Enhancing their Fruit Yields

Author(s): Muhammad Abdul Qadir, Mahmood Ahmed, Naveed-Ul-Ihsan, Asrar Ahmad and Rabia Waseem

The estimation of 70% increase in food production all over the world to meet the requirement of population level in 2050 is being slow as global agriculture output forecast for next decade lessened than past decade. In spite of hike in feed prices, world produ ces enough feeds for population requirement but food insecurity and hunger still persist due to economic crises. Global agricultural production need to step up for nourishing one billion people, which are esti mated to be undernouri shed. The present work emphasizes on the use of micronutrients to over come their deficiency caused by repeated crops on the same Pakistani land. By using micronutrients, an extr aordinary increase of 14-25% yield in rice, onion and lemon has been noticed.

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