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Editorial Note on Electrochemiluminescense

Author(s): Andrew Joblon

Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) is a fascinating phenomenon that occurs when electro generated radicals undergo a high-energy electron transfer event, resulting in the generation of an excited state species and the emission of a photon. ECL has been used as a strong detection technique in the field of bioassays, which has piqued the interest of both academics and industry. Indeed, it has numerous benefits, including high sensitivity, minimal background signal, and direct relation of ECL intensity to luminophore species concentration. Last but not least, in addition to the aforementioned characteristics, the comparatively inexpensive cost of the needed equipment has aided in the spread of its popularity. The scientific community has acquired a rising interest in ECL in recent years, as seen by the introduction of several novel luminophores and an expanding number of analytical, imaging, and light-emitting applications.

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