Ecofriendly Liquid Detergents Based on Malenised Vegetables Oils

Author(s): Pravin A. Dhakite, B. B. Gogte and B. W. Phate

Malenized Linseed oil suitable for use in liquid detergent has been synthesized. The reaction conditions such as mole ratio, temperat ure, time of reaction and use of ca talyst have been standardized to get a product with desired HLB ratio, viscosity and sol ubility. A standard liquid detergent mainly based on malenised vegetables oils and Alpha olefin sulphonate has been prepared. In successive compositions acid slurry and sodium lauryl sulphate has been replaced by neutralized male nized linseed oil by 50 to 100%. A comparison of our maleic based detergents with comme rcial samples shows that maleic treated oils give excellent foaming, surface tension redu ction and detergency properties. Th e raw material cost of our novel liquid detergents is reasonable and they can be tried on pilot scale and commercial scale production. The special feature of these liquid detergents is its fre edom from conventional linear alkyl benzene sulphonate and sodium tripolyphosphate so they can be labele d as ecofriendly products for green environment.

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