DNA Isolation and Optimization of PCR Conditions in Gymnema Sylvestre by using Inter Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) Markers

Author(s): Sunita Khatak, Nitin Chauhan¬ and Deepak Kumar Malik

The diverse medicinal properties of Gymnema sylvestre was done to understand the genetic diversity among various genotypes by using ISSR primers. Initially 20 primers were used out of which 15 showed the reproducible bands. A total of 105 bands were distinguished across the selected primers and statistical analysis showed 99 bands were polymorphic and 6 were monomorphic bands. The cluster analysis of the genotypes based on UPGMA divided the five genotypes into two main clusters, cluster I having GS-03 genotype of Gymnema sylvestre and other having rest of all four genotypes. The results of the present study can be used for molecular breeding and improvement of G. sylvestre for various desired traits through hybridization in future.

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