Diversity Analysis by Random Primer Amplification of Genomic DNA of Mulberry (Morus spp.) Germplasm Collection from Traditional Sericulture States of India

Author(s): Guru Prasad and Dandin SB

Genetic diversity assessment and cluster analysis were carried out among thirty-sixmulberry germplasmassembled fromdifferent parts of the country by genomicDNAamplification of 22 informative randomprimers. PCR amplification resulted in 226 markers out of that 208 markers were polymorphic (92.04%) and as many as 11 primers were showed 100% polymorphism. Dice dissimilaritywas calculated using DNA marker scores and the marker index among the pairs of germplasm ranged from 0.081 to 0.371. Meergunj and Bisnupur-4 recorded the least dissimilarity where as Rajouri and Nagaland Local were most divergent. The mean dissimilarity among the germplasmcollection was 0.226. UPGMAclustering topology showed 6 distinct groups, which mainly comprised of accessions from the similar geographical origin with exception of Kollegal and Kajali. A sub-set of germplasm with a sample intensity of about 10% of the original collection was identified which comprised ofAssamjati, Ficus 2x, Berhampur-6 and Sujanpur x Philippines based on the active score (363) and Shanon diversityindex( 85.06) usingmaximization strategyimplemented through MSTRAT algorithm.

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