Distribution of the molecular weight of levans produced by Zymomonas mobilis growth in sugar cane juice media

Author(s): Michelle Cristina Tanoue Batista, João Batista Buzato, Lucia Helena Mendonça Vargas, Rui Sergio dos Santos Ferreira da Silva, Maria Antonia Pedrine Colabone Celligoi

The distribution ofmolecularmass of levan fromZymomonasmobilisCP4 in sugar cane juicewas investigated for the effect of pH, growth time and initial sugar concentration using response surface methodology. The experimental runs were carried out according to a 23 statistical design, with further expansion to orthogonal block runs. The distribution of molecular mass of levans from different cultures was estimated by gel permeation chromatography. Statistical analysis and interpretation as well as the evaluation of chromatographic profiles suggest that the production of high molecularmass levan (greater than 6.7  105) was achieved in pH5.0 after 24 hours, with no significant effect of initial sugar concentration.

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