Dissolution of Zinc in Acetic Acid Solution at Polarization by Non-Stationary Current

Author(s): S. S. Bitursyn, A. B. Bayeshov, A. K. Bayeshova and M. Z. Zhurinov

In this paper for the first time the process of electrochemical dissolution of zinc electrodes in acetic acid at polarization by alternating current of 50 Hz has been investigated. The effect of acetic acid concentration, temperature and duration of the electrolysis on current efficiency for zinc electrodes dissolving has been studied. It has been established that the increase of electrolyte concentration to 300 g/L apparent current efficiency of metal dissolution increases to 125%, and with increasing of electrolysis duration up to 1.5 hrs current efficiency of zinc dissolution decreases. At temperature of 80o C current efficiency makes 166%.

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