Dielectric Relaxation of Tetrahydrofuran in Benzene Solution from Microwave Absorption Studies

Author(s): Raman Kumar, Vinod Sharma, Raman Kumar Rana and V. S. Rangra

 The dielectric constant (ε′) and dielectric loss (ε′′) for dilute solutions of tetrahydrofuran (THF) have been measured at 9.90 GHz at different temperatures (25°C, 30°C, 35°C and 40°C). The dipole moment (µ) and relaxation time (τ) have been calculated at various temperatures at single frequency concentration variational method suggested by Gopala Krishna. It is observed that dielectric relaxation process can be treated as rate process like viscous flow. Based upon above studies, monomer structure for THF in benzene solution has been inferred. The solvent-solute molecular associations in benzene has been proposed and energy parameters for the dielectric relaxation process of THF in benzene solution at different temperatures have been calculated and compared with the corresponding energy parameters for viscous flow. 

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