Dielectric Relaxation and Thermodynamic Parameters of N-Propyl Alcohol, Ethylenediamine and their Binary Mixtures in 1,4-Dioxan

Author(s): B. S. Narwade, P. G. Gawali and G. M. Kalamse

The values of dielectric constant (∈') and dielectric loss (∈'') have been calculated for n-propyl alcohol, ethylenediamine and their binary mixtures in 1,4-dioxan at different temperatures using X-band microwave bench. The relaxation time (τ) and dipole moment (μ) have been calculated by employing Gopala Krishna’s method. Values of relaxation time (τ) compared with calculated values from different methods. The thermodynamic parameters also have been calculated for dielectric relaxation as well as for viscous flow process. Observed values of Debye’s factor and Kalman’s factor shows that Kalman’s formula satisfactorily explains the relationship between dielectric relaxation time and the viscosity. The non-linear behaviour of relaxation time with mole fraction reveals the presence of solute-solute molecular association in the mixture.

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