Dielectric and optical study of 4-n-decyloxybenzylidene 4'-iso propylaniline exhibiting monotropic smectic a phase

Author(s): Rajiv Manohar, G.Tripathi, A.K Misra, A.K.Srivastava, J.P.Shukl, A.K.Prajapati

The dielectric measurements have been done for the determination of real and imaginary part of permittivity of a newly synthesized monotropic smectic sample. The sample has been investigated in the frequency range from 1kHz to 1MHz and temperature range 315K to 340K. The dielectricmeasurements in smectic phase indicateDebyetype dispersion with relaxation peak at 357.72kHz for 333 K and activation energy was found to be 2.44KJmol-1. Measurements have also been made for refractive indices, birefringence, optical transmittance in the above mentioned temperature range and order parameter have been calculated using birefringence data .The temperature dependence of these parameters have been discussed in detail. The phase transition temperature matches very well as obtained from the study of dielectric parameters, refractive indices and optical transmittance.

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