Development of new spectrophotometricmethod for the determination of Rupatadine fumarate in bulk and its formulations using acid potassiumpermanganate and fast green FCF dye

Author(s): K.Raghubabu, N.Mohan Rao, B.Kalyana Ramu, C.Rama Das

Simple, sensitive and selective visible spectrophotometric method for the determination of Rupatadine fumarate (RPF) in bulk and formulations through oxidation reaction of the olefenic double bond is proposed. The Method is based on the reaction of potassiumpermanganate to the olefenic double bond in RPF and estimating the unreacted permanganate with fast green FCF (FGFCF). The color produced in method has maximumabsorption at 620nm. Beer’s law obeyed in the concentration range of 16-80µg/ml. Its molar absorptivity is 5.9577x104. The precision and accuracy of the method is checked by the reported UV reference method in 0.1N HCl at ëmax 252nm. No interferencewas observed fromthe usually existing additives in pharmaceutical formulations and the applicability of themethod was examined by analyzing commercial available tablets containingRPF. Themethod is found to be suitable for the determination of Rupatadine fumarate.

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