Development of colon targeted multiparticulate pulsatile drug delivery system for treating nocturnal asthma Anup

Author(s): Anup K.Bang, Pritam S.Jain, Hitendra S.Mahajan, Nikita K.Kale, Sanjay J.Surana R.C. Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research,KarwandNaka,

The present study was all about to deliver a drug after certain lag time. The study was to develop a multiparticulate pulsatile drug delivery system for montelukast sodium. This study was done to increase half life of drug by increasing lag time. The pulsatile drug delivery systemhas importance that it delivers the drug in gastrointestinal tract after certain lag time. Themixture of Eudragit RL100 and Eudragit S100was used for enteric coating purpose. Continuous dissolution studies were carried out in simulated gastric, intestinal, and colonic fluid with pH 1.2 (0.1 N HCl), pH 7.4 and pH 6.8 (phosphate buffer), respectively. The lag time was completely depending on ratio of acrylate polymers i.e. ERL and ES and percentage coating level used. The formulation comprising 12%coating level and 1:4 ES: ERL ratio was found to be an optimized formulation. The in vitro study showed lag time 4 to 8 hours to release the total drug in different buffers used.

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