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Development of Analytical Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Doxofylline and Salbutamol Sulphate in Combined Dosage Form

Author(s): S. E. Chaudhary, C. K. Gadewar, A. P. Dewani and A. V. Chandewar

A simple and sensitive HPLC method has been developed for the simultaneous estimation of doxofylline (DOX) and salbutamol sulphate (SAL) in combined dosage form. Doxofylline is bronchodilator. It is a xanthine derivative and a bronchial muscle relaxant, It also relaxes vascular smooth muscle in pulmonary blood vessels. Salbutamol sulphate is beta-adrenoreceptor agonist. It is chemically related to isoprenaline. It has a prominent brochodialator (ß-2 receptor) and poor cardiac (ß-1) stimulant action as compared to isoprenaline. The HPLC method was developed by using C18 Inertsil column (250 mm length, 4.6 mm internal diameter and 10 μm particle size) using mobile phase methanol : water : glacial acetic acid (80 : 19 : 01% v/v/v) at a flow rate of 1.0 mL/min, on an isocratic HPLC, Monitoring was done by a UV detector at 239 nm. Retention time of DOX and SAL was found to be 3.233 min. and 2.19 min. respectively. The method was statistically validated for its linearity, accuracy and precision. The developed method was simple and accurate. This method can be used for routine quality control of doxofylline and salbutamol sulphate in bulk and in formulations.

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