Development and Estimation of Validation Characteristics for the Quantitative Determination of Glycoalkaloids in Salsola Collina L. Extracts

Author(s): A. V. Glushchenko, V. A. Georgiyants and N. Yu Bevz

In the course of the research the presence of glycoalkaloids in aqueous and aqueous-alcoholic extracts of Salsola collina L. has been determined. The method for extraction-photometric determination of glycoalkaloids in the aerial part of Salsola collina L. equivalent to salsoline has been developed. It is based on formation of ion associates of alkaloids with bromothymol blue and subsequent determination of their optical density at the wavelength of 422 nm. The quantitative content of alkaloids in the extracts of Salsola collina L. has been determined using the method developed. The validation characteristics of the method such as stability of solutions and linearity have been studied; which confirm the method’s correctness and allow to recommend it for use when analysing alkaloids of tetrahydroisoquinoline series.

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