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Development and Characterization of Tinidazole Microcapsules For Colon Delivery

Author(s): Ashok Dashora, Udichi Kataria and C. P. Jain

Alginate and chitosan treated microcapsules of tinidazole were prepared for delivery of drug to colon via oral route. A colon specific drug delivery system, containing drug and a saccharide, which generates an organic acid by the action of enterobacteria in the lower part of gastro intestinal tract, is developed by coating it with an organic acid soluble polymer. Further coating with an enteric coating polymer material provides a drug release system that utilizes enterobacteria, which do not form harmful substances due to the release starting mechanism, show rapid degradation and have higher colon specificity. The present work is an effort to develop a delivery system based on polysaccharide polymers for selective delivery of tinidazole to the colon.

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