Development and Characterization of Carbamazepine Loaded Nonionic Surfactant Vesicles

Author(s): Shaik Samifar, Rajesh Akki, Munagala Gayatri Ramya and V. Vasu Naik

The present work aims at preparing carbamazepine niosomes with combination of tweens, spans. The encapsulation of drug in vesicular system can be predicted to prolong the existence of drug in the systemic circulation and enhance penetration in to target tissues and reduce toxicity. The niosomes are prepared by combination of tween 80, span 80 using thin film hydration method. The formulation exhibit high entrapment efficiency, drug release and high stability. The carbamazepine incorporated niosomes were characterized by surface morphology, SEM analysis and entrapment efficiency of 96.89% and the in vitro drug release is found to be 98.10%. The optimized formulation (F14) follows zero order kinetics and non-fickian diffusion. The carbamazepine niosomes made of combination of surfactants show high entrapment efficiency and increase therapeutic activity, bioavailability in treatment of epilepsy and bipolar disorder

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