Developing of RFID Automation Technique in Material Management for Various Construction Project

Author(s): S. Prakash Chandar, Pashelphetha Anal and N. Ganapathyramasamy

In construction projects material management is one of the significant function that contributes to the success of a project. The problematic mostly occurring in the management of material is related to the shortage, availability, supply chain, inventory, handling, and the storage of material. Paper-based reports mostly to record and exchange information related to the materials within a supply chain and inventory which is error-prone, inefficient and time consuming. To overcome this error and problematic, real-time information visibility and traceability is highly desired and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can be implemented for this purposes. This paper starts with a literature review on material management and RFID technology potentially being employ was conducted. Further, a research methodology to identify potential employment of RFID technology for material management in a real construction project and what type of material will be suitable for implementing this new technology. The paper investigates a new approach for integrating the RFID technology in Information and communication technology (ICT) for real-time data collection in construction. In this approach, the combination of ICT, RFID, and global positioning system (GPS) technologies can facilitate extreme low-cost, infrastructurefree, and easy-to-implement solutions to identify uniquely and tracking of materials.

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