Determination of Partition Coefficient for Chebulinic Acid Extraction from Various Extracts of Terminalia Chebula Species

Author(s): D. V. Surya Prakash, G. Satyendra Dinesh, N. Sree Satya, M. Sumalatha, S. Venkateswara Kumar and Meena Vangalapati

Chebulinic acid is the main compound in the Terminalia chebula species. It acts as effective antibacterial, anti-fungal activities. The present study was for increasing the production of chebulinic acid from different extraction process. Among the extraction process (Batch, Soxhlet and Fermentation process) the highest chebulinic acid production was obtained from fermentation process. From the batch process the chebulinic acid concentration was observed to be 3.4 mg/mL at 60 min and the concentration was increased to 6.6 mg/mL at 75 min from soxhlet extraction. Similarly the chebulinic acid concentration was increased to 8.6 mg/mL at 192 hrs from fermentation process. The partition coefficient for fermentation, soxhlet and batch extraction were found to be 3.83, 2.0 and 0.64.

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