Determination of Lead and Cadmium in Raw Cow's Milk by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Author(s): S. Elatrash and N. Atoweir

This study describe to evaluate the possible contamination by some heavy metals (Lead and Cadmium) in raw cow's milk. Forty five samples of raw cow's milk collected from various farms in different locations in Benghazi area. The quantitative analysis of lead and cadmium were performed by using graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry, for statistical analysis (ANOVA) was used when statistical comparison gave P < 0.05, the mean values of lead and cadmium were 3.43, 1.24 μg⁄Kg, respectively. These values were under the permissible limits, indicating that mean intake of heavy metals due to consumption is generally tolerable daily intake is fairly satisfactory. Our results were agreements with the value reported literature.

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