Design of Throttle Body: a Comparative Study of Different Shaft Profiles Using CFD Analysis

Author(s): M. Balaji*, K. Amal Satheesh, G. Sanjay and Haynes K. Job

Throttle body assembly plays a vital role in metering the air flow to the engine. It mainly consists of a butterfly valve to vary the flow area to control air flow rate through it. There is hardly any established procedure to design a throttle body assembly based on engine specification. In this project we intend to design and analyze the throttle body assembly using Computational Fluid Dynamics and compare two throttle body shaft profiles. To start with throttle bore diameter is calculated based on engine air flow requirements. The throttle body shaft configurations are modelled and using CFD analysis we arrive at the best configuration which will provide optimum airflow. The airflow rate for different throttle opening is predicted through detailed analysis. Finally, we intend to validate the results obtained from the flow analysis by fabricating the throttle body assemblies and testing them.

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