Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Welding Fixture Having Higher Accuracy without Using Robots

Author(s): M. Yuvaraj, H. Karthick, V. Gopalakrishanan and Stanly Wilson Louis

In recent times, manufacturing industries have shown more interest towards Automation. In other words, the industries today emerge with evolving technology. It is obvious that Industrial Automation streamlines the operations in terms of speed, reliability and product output. In this thesis, welding fixture for two wheeler steering handle is modeled using CATIA software, forces are calculated, and an analysis has been carried out in the precisions placing of one circular component over another circular component during the welding process. Welding circular rod over another circular rod, the possibility of maintaining the accuracy in placing of curved surfaces is very less in the mass production. Here the difficulty is overcome by the new design of the fixture, and the angle as well as the linear movements is maintained in the accuracy of 0.1 mm without any robots. In the field of welding engineering where a consistently good quality, low cost with a maximum productivity is a must, this accuracy can be done by without automation.

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