Design and Simulation of Mems Based Micro Motors

Author(s): K. Balachandar, V. Balaji, D. Prem Kumar and S. Arun Kumar

Micro machined motors are recent development in electrical machines which offers higher torque at lower speeds. As compared to conventional electromagnetic motors, they are very compact in size and their components are in the ranges of micrometer (μm). Micro motors are of different types based on their speed and torque characteristics. Electromagnetic and electrostatic motors are bulky and weight due to the presence of gear box for rotary motion. It also provides low torque and low speed. On the other hand, piezoelectric motors have a number of advantages. They are small and compact provides greater force and torque. Piezoelectric micro motor can be further classified into impact drive, inchworm and ultrasonic micro motor. This paper focuses on the study of piezo inchworm motor which is based on the piezoelectric actuators to move a shaft with nanometer precision. The piezo inchworm micro motors are commonly used in biomedical applications such as scanning tunneling microscope and patch clamping of biological cells. COMSOL software is used to analysis and simulates the process.

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