Design and Fabrication of Mechanical Adaptive Headlight System Prototype

Author(s): Akash Ravikumar*, Murali Krishnan, Vikram Hirawat And Ravi Krishnamoorthy

Drivers in India are highly dependent on headlights to provide illumination in low light conditions especially on highways. Static headlights are insufficient for this purpose on curved roads as the headlights point tangentially along every point of the curve instead of pointing in the direction of the vehicle. Adaptive headlight systems (AHS) attempt to make the headlights steerable so that they illuminate the actual path of the road. This project utilizes a rack and pinion mechanism and a four bar linkage to connect the headlights to the steering wheel. The model prototype was successfully designed and fabricated. Its dimensions were inspected and found to be of intended specifications and functioning was verified to be as per theoretical predictions and requirements. This mechanism has the potential to be a viable alternative to expensive electromechanical AHS systems with strategic improvements and further research on mode of implementation in the real world.

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