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Design and Evaluation of Sustained Release Matrix Tablets of Levofloxacin Employing Almond Gum

Author(s): K. V. R. N. S. Ramesh, Fasiha Shah, B. Hema Kiranmayi and M. Vinay Kumar

In the present investigation, studies were undertaken on the design of sustained release matrix tablet of a widely useddrug levofloxacin hemi hydrate. Matrix tablets of levofloxacin hemi hydrate were prepared by employing both hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers (HPMC, Ethyl cellulose, Compritol and almond gum). The tablets prepared by employing the relatively unexplored hydrophilic almond gum showed acceptable pharmaceutical properties. Matrix tablets prepared with polymers other than almond gum though gave a slow release. It was observed that more than 90% of drug was released by 8 hrs. A slow drug release of about 90% extended upto 12 hrs was obtained with tablets prepared by employing almond gum. Studies are also made on the influence of changing the microenvironment of the matrix on the release profile of the drug. Inclusion of citric acid in the formulation favored the release of the drug from the matrix tablets.

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