Densities and Viscosities of Binary Mixtures of Xylenes (o-, m-, and p-) with Propan-1-ol at 298.15, 303.15, 308.15 and 313.15 K.

Author(s): Tulshidas S. Savale, Janardan M. Shewale and Pandharinath S. Nikam

 Densities and viscosities for binary mixtures of o-, m-, and p-xylenes with propan -1-ol have been measured over the entire range of composition, at 298.15, 303.15, 308.15 and 313.15 K and atmospheric pressure. From the experimental data, excess molar volumes (VE ) and deviations in viscosities (∆η) have been calculated. The excess molar volumes for xylenes + propan -1-ol system are sigmoids while deviations in viscosity are negative. The results have been interpreted in terms of molecular interactions. These are further fitted to the Redlich-Kister polynomial equation. 

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