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Delivery Methods for Melittin-Based Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Stacy Miller

Melittin (MLT) is a natural cytolytic peptide generated from bee venom that has been explored in preclinical animal models to treat inflammatory illnesses such as arthritis, rheumatism, chronic pain, and others. In recent years, MLT has been widely used as an anticancer medication. MLT attaches to phospholipids and creates pores in plasma and organelle membranes, causing cancer cells and drug-resistant cells to perish. MLT has also emerged as a promising immunotherapeutic medication that promotes the release of tumor-associated antigens and endogenous danger indicators, as well as cytotoxic T and natural killer (NK) cell activation. MLT also promotes the release of anticancer cytokines such IL-2, INF-, and TNF-, which improves antitumor immune responses.
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