Degradation and Decolouration of Amaranth Dye by Photo-Fenton and Fenton Reagents: A Comparative Study


Among the available advanced oxidation processes, Fenton and photo-Fenton reagents are of special interest, because of effective and economic degradation of azo dyes. One of the main cause of water pollution is, release of effluents from textile and dying industries in fresh water, which is toxic and carcinogenic in some cases. The present paper investigates the degradation of azo dye Amaranth by the photo-Fenton and Fenton reagents. The dye has been chosen as a model pollutant and the effects of various parameters such as effect of pH, effect of concentration of ferrous ion, effect of concentration of amaranth dye, effect of concentration of hydrogen peroxide and effect of light intensity on degradation of amaranth were investigated

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