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De-Duplication of Data in Cloud

Author(s): R. Shobana*, K. Shantha Shalini, S. Leelavathy and V. Sridevi

Rendering efficient storage and security for all data is very important for cloud computing. Securing and privacy preserving of data is of high priority when it comes to cloud storage. Therefore to provide efficient storage for cloud data owners and render high security for data this paper proposes Cloud Computing Secure Framework (CCSF). Thus CCSF consists of four segments: 1) Identity Management 2) Intrusion detection and prevention system 3) Data deduplication 4) Secure Cloud Storage. Intrusion detection and prevention are performed manually by network operators in the existing system. In our proposed architecture the intrusion detection and prevention is performed automatically by defining rules for the major attacks and alert the system automatically. The major attacks/events includes vulnerabilities, cross site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, cookie poisoning, wrapping. Data deduplication technique allows the cloud users to manage their cloud storage space effectively by avoiding storage of repeated data’s and save bandwidth. The data are finally stored in cloud server namely CloudMe. To ensure data confidentiality the data are stored in an encrypted type using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm.

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